What to Pack: 7 Day Tropical Cruise

If you're heading out on a tropical cruise with no idea what to pack, consider this your style guide; a kind of outline to base your packing on. This is obviously based on my style (i.e. no heels, lots of black and white) so feel free to swap in pieces that suit your aesthetic, just make sure they are versatile enough to be mixed and matched with your other pieces.  

For most cruises you'll have to account for beach days, days by the pool, days at the different ports and some dressier dinners so I've accounted for all that in the outfits below! You could mix and match the items selected even further, there are so many combinations you can get out of so few clothes you'll wonder why you ever overpacked before. 

7 day cruise packing.jpg

Only 14 items of clothing. Add in two hats, three bags and four pairs of shoes and you're packed and ready for your tropical getaway. Check out how some of the items above can be mixed and matched into different outfits.

There you have it. The perfect little wardrobe capsule for your tropical cruise to paradise. You won't have to think about what to wear, only what cocktail to order!

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What is your perfect outfit for cruising? Mine is definitely a cute playsuit! 

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Featured Items:
Khaki Playsuit //  Summer Dress // Kaftan (similar) // Maxi Dress (similar) // Striped Dress (similar) // Black Blazer (similar)// Denim Jacket // Button Up Shirt // Camisole // T-shirt // White Shorts // Black Denim Shorts // Black Bikini // Tropical Bikini // Clutch // Backpack // Beach Bag // Sandals // Sneakers // Flats // Dressy Sandal // Beach Hat // Cap (similar)

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