What We Spent: 48hrs in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ah, Sweden, the home of Ikea, meatballs and ABBA. You might think it's expensive to travel there and you'd be half right. If we had more resources (read: money) we could have spent a pretty penny on all the food and museums there but alas, we had a budget. 


If you're interested in exactly what we spent for our 2 days trip in Stockholm, let me it down for you here. 

We left for Sweden with 2100 Swedish Krona (SEK) in our pockets for accommodation, food and sightseeing. I did some research before we left to kind of get an idea of how much we might need but I learnt a few things that definitely would have helped to know beforehand. 

OUR TOTAL SPENDING (*All prices are for two adults):

Flygbussarna Return Airport Transfers (Skavsta Airport): 570 SEK
Hostel (2 nights, 14 bed mixed dorm): 560 SEK (+ £7.41 deposit paid online, 636 SEK in total)
Hostel Sheets: 100 SEK
Key Deposit: 100 SEK (refunded)
24hr Transport Ticket: 280 SEK
1 Meal Out: 220 SEK
Groceries: 352 SEK
Public Toilet: 10 SEK
Sightseeing: free!

TOTAL: 2092 SEK  |  LEFTOVER: 8 SEK (roughly 73 pence)


Airport Transfers

We took Flygbussarna Coaches to and from Stockholm's Skavsta Airport. All of the transport methods work out roughly the same price but I think Flygbussarna is the easiest. At the airport there is a little desk where you can purchase a return ticket (you can use the return anytime within 3 months). A coach was waiting outside for the flight arrivals already and they had a lot of options for coaches heading back to the airport as well so you won't be stuck for hours at their tiny airport. 


We purchased a 24hr Transport Card from a train station in the city. Normally we choose to walk EVERYWHERE when we do a city trip because everything is so close and you get to see so much more but because Stockholm is home to the world's longest art exhibition via their subways we wanted to have a gander. The 24hr ticket allowed us to get on and off at a bunch of stations and we also used it on the trams and buses. The next day when we didn't have the card, it was just as easy to walk to wherever we wanted to go. 



We stayed at the Interhostel located in the Norrmmalm area. We picked it due to price and we were happy with our choice. It cost 636 SEK for the two of us for two nights but on top of that, we had to pay 50 SEK each to rent bed sheets. This seemed to be normal practice in Stockholm at the different hostels we looked into. Of course, you could bring your own bedding if you want to skip that charge. Don't forget that you need 100 SEK or €10 to cover your key deposit as well. We were happy to get that back so we could buy some breakfast before our flights home! 


We decided on eating one meal out and the rest of our meals we made ourselves at the hostel. This was for two reasons; firstly, Corey is in preparation for a physique competition so his food requirements are stricter than normal and secondly, it would've bumped up our spending considerably to eat out more. I have two Swedish girlfriends that I met in South Africa back in 2014, and although one is in New Zealand and the other is in Scotland they still sent us their tips. One of those tips was to go to Kajsas Fisk shop and get the fish soup and boy, was that a fish soup to write home about. DELICIOUS. Go there. Get it. Get seconds. 

We shopped at a Lidl located near the hostel and I thought the prices were okay. Nothing too outrageous and we managed to get quite a lot of food for our money. 


Public Toilet

It's 10 krona to use public toilets and though we didn't see any that were free, it is possible that there are free ones!


Yep, we didn't spend a dime.. I mean krona, on sightseeing. Unless you count the 24hr transport ticket we got to see the art in the subways. We went to the Moderna Museet and City Hall, saw the views at Skinnarviksberget (the highest natural point in Stockholm), and wandered around Djurgården and the Old Town, Gamla Stan. The only thing we really should've added on but didn't get time was the Vasa Museum.. it's also free!


Stockholm is a really beautiful city and we're so glad we got to see so much of it. The total cost of our trip to Stockholm in GBP, including our flights, the hostel deposit, airport train tickets and our Swedish Krona spending money (i.e. everything we bought in Sweden) was £344.80 for two people. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Of course, we could've saved more or spent more and maybe you wouldn't make the same choices as us but hopefully, you've got a better idea of what you're going to spend on your trip!



Are you planning a trip to Stockholm anytime soon?