What To Pack: 7 Days in Sunny Samoa

Talofa lava!

The What To Pack series is back to help you with your packing, this time we're heading over to sunny Samoa for a week in the islands. We spent three weeks there in September visiting family and friends and exploring both the main island Upolu and it's more rural sister island Savai'i so I've got you covered with this travel capsule.  


Samoa is located in the South Pacific which means it's hot and humid almost all year round. You'll want to pack lightweight clothing and the brighter the better (for fun of course, not for any practical reason). If you forget to pack everything else, bring swimwear!! You'll be spending most of your time in the sea, resort pool or waterfalls. 

Go ahead and leave the heels at home; pack a pair of pretty sandals, some comfy Birkenstocks and a pair of cons so that you're covered for every situation. You'll find everyone in Samoa wearing thongs*/flip flops/jandals, even the airport staff and police but you'll want something more supportive if you plan on some of the more adventurous exploring.

*Yes, Australians say "thongs" and not "flip flops", it's pretty awkward when other people think we're talking about wearing multiple g-strings. 

If you have a sarong (also called an 'ie lavalava or just lavalava in Samoan), make sure to pack it, or buy a gorgeous one from the locals once you arrive! Use it as a cover-up at the beach or just as a skirt while roaming the island. There are so many ways to tie it that you can get real nifty and wear it as a dress as I often do - even now while I'm in London! 


There are plenty of nice cafes and restaurants in Apia, Samoa's capital for you to grab a bite or a cocktail but don't feel like you have to get all fancy. Add some gold jewelry (to match that tan you're going to get), a bright lippy, a summery scent and you're good to go. Working with your natural beauty, hello - beach hair,  will mean less time in the bathroom primping and more time enjoying a beer by the sea. 

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