What To Pack: 7 Days in London Town (Winter Capsule)

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After living here in London for 7 months I was finally able to put together the perfect wardrobe capsule for a winter week with just one carry on.

Yas, 18 items, including your carry on suitcase.. but excluding your underwear ('pants' as they would say in Britain) and socks because what you wear under your clothes is no business of mine. 

What To Pack: 1 Carry On - 7 Days in London (Winter Capsule) | goandglobetrot.com

We managed to survive our first winter but I mean.. barely. I'm Australian ffs and I lived in Queensland - The Sunshine State! So, as a cold-blooded Aussie, here are some tips for London in the winter.

  1. LAYERS. It took me ages to get used to having to put on layers but it really helps. Singlet, shirt, longsleeve, coat. Leggings and then jeans. Two pairs of socks if you're too poor to buy thermal ones!
  2. ACCESSORISE. Stay styly and warm with cute scarves, beanies, gloves and socks. Especially when travelling as they can keep you warm and change up your outfit without taking up too much space. 
  3. INVEST. You'll want good boots and a great jacket/coat. Shell out a bit of money now and it'll last you for yonks.
  4. MATERIAL. Clothes made from wool, flannel and fleece will keep you warm and silk (as a base layer) will keep you dry. 
  5. FLY. To somewhere warmer. I'm not even kidding. Ok, maybe a little. London can be quite pretty in winter. 
Outfits: 1 Carry On - 7 Days in London (Winter Capsule) | goandglobetrot.com

You'll wear your coat every single time you want to go anywhere outside in London. It's just too damn cold not to, so make sure you pick on that you REALLY like and that it goes with everything you have. Likewise for your accessories. 

Pants wise - jeans are the warmest but even then you may want to layer leggings underneath (something I'd never done until moving here). If possible, skip the ripped jeans and go fully covered. 

Don't bring floppy, thin flats. They will be ruined, your feet will be frozen and you might slip and die. Comfy boots are your best bet but leather loafers and sneakers also fair well with some uber warm socks. 

Fancy dressing it up a bit more? Bring heeled boots instead!

So what do you think? I'm already dreading next winter but at least I have appropriate clothes now!