The Number One Thing You Need When You Move To London

There is one thing you won't be able to live without when you move to London and it's not your mum or your flat screen TV (trust me, you don't want to be paying that TV licence).. it's an app. This app will save you time, money and serious stress outs - you can stress about being broke instead!

Citymapper will be your new best friend, or at least verrrrryyyy close acquaintance. 

Put in your start point and destination and let Citymapper tell you all your possible routes (bus, tube, train, uber.. I actually saw Jetpack listed once) and even the cost of different routes. It tells you what delays are happening and which tube stations are closed. They even have the night tube options as they come into effect. Save your home and work addresses (because we're all about shortcuts these days) and check out the different tube lines. 

A little (free!!!) app might not seem like much but it is you guize! When you're in a new city, a big city, with multiple modes of transport (and annoying delays and cancellations) it can all get a little too much. With Citymapper, even if you pick the wrong tube or get off at the wrong stop you can always get back on the right track, whether that's to catch up with friends at the pub or check out that new free museum. You're picking the beer option aren't you?

If, like me, you are yet to change your iTunes account to the UK version, that's ok, just download the app for whatever city you're app store lets you (mine said it was for Sydney and Melbourne) and then go into the Citymapper settings and change your primary and current city. 

BAM. I told you it would be your new bestie. Friendships are all virtual these days right?




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