The Blog Beginning

Started from the bottom, now we're here.

I can't promise that all my blog posts won't start with song lyrics. Sorry. 

This is the first post. I'd use it to introduce myself but I already did that here. The short story is I'm Victoria, and I run this blog (I don't run marathons though). The long story involves dragons and beers so I'll save it for another day. 

Why start a blog? I'm female and Gen Y and therefore have a lot of shit to say? I've honestly been wanting to blog forever (this is actually the third website I've set up, you'll soon find out that I suck at continuing through with things), mostly because I feel like I have a lot to share. I also have a lot of opinions. I also, also like to engage with strangers. I just think I have something to give to the world (no, it's not herpes, but I'm sure it's just as infectious).

 I want to be honest, be real, be open. So sometimes I'll swear, or I'll rant, or I'll admit to eating a half a pizza and chugging some beers, but that's me - utterly human. I'm going to make a promise to be no one else but myself and you'll either love me or really, really love me. 

Here I'm going to:

  • record adventures
  • share ups, downs, round-and-rounds
  • engage with readers, travellers, unicorns
  • inspire (I almost hate this word for being so over-used these days) and motivate
  • make you think a little harder about the world we live in

So talk to me, laugh with me (or at me, I don't mind) and definitely tell me what you like or don't. This blog will be pretty shit until I get the hang of scheduling and taking photos and articulating thoughts and other bloggy stuff. Sorry.