Sunday Roast at the Maze Grill by Gordon Ramsay

You aren't really a British resident until you've had a proper Sunday Roast and since Corey and I were yet to have one, I surprised him with a booking at one of 14 (yes, FOURTEEN) Gordon Ramsay restaurants in London for a Sunday Roast to end all roasts.

We're huge Gordo fans, we've watched Kitchen Nightmares and his Cookery show, and I've even read his books. Our all time favourite Blondies recipe and the best tuna cakes we've ever made are thanks to Gordon Ramsay. I don't know if it's all the swearing he does or the fact that he gets so riled up because he really cares about good food but he's ace in our minds so Corey was pretty thrilled with the surprise.. plus I got to eat there too so #treatyoself.

The Maze Grill does a £25 set Sunday Roast menu.. on a Sunday, duh. You get unlimited sides, which is basically what sold me. Corey very much likes unlimited food. 


It's very cozy on the inside, maybe just touching on too cozy since I had to squeeze into my chair and the Nutcracker music playing in the background was drowned out by a lady at the table near us talking about her very fancy holidays. 

The service started out well, we got our meal quickly, but as they got busier we were kind of forgotten about. Another table probably felt the same way because Corey eyed them frantically trying to wave down the waiter in order to get served. I don't know if he avoided eye contact on purpose to avoid having to stop at our table but he was rushing past us every 2 minutes and we just could not catch his attention.

The food though.. oh the food! You get slow braised shin of beef, Yorkshire puddings (first time we'd had those!), rich, bone marrow gravy and this super airy mayonnaise.


Best roast we've both had in our lives and the sides were incredible. Braised red cabbage, buttered carrots, cauliflower gratin, honey glazed parsnips, wagyu fat roasted potatoes, kale and confit shallots AND sourdough bread. I'd like to repeat wagyu fat roasted potatoes.. because WAGYU FAT ROASTED POTATOES! Our whole table was covered in food which is just how we like it. 


I don't know if it's normal over here but they charged us £3.50 for still water. Like, water in a large glass serving bottle. Maybe it came from some magical glaciers of Greenland, or maybe it was just out of the tap but we had a bit of a laugh about that since you don't pay for that in Australia, at least not anywhere we've eaten before.

Would I recommend it? Oh yes. Very much so. You definitely will get enough to eat and the food is so worth the price. Is it an every week thing? Not for us poor Londoners unfortunately!

We're TV free since moving to London so our days of watching him curse and cook are over for now.

Have you eaten at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant before? I'm already eye-ing off the Sushi Saturday at their Maze Grill Park Walk venue. 



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