How-To: Travel in Your Own Backyard

Sometimes you can't afford to travel overseas or across the country. Does that mean you should stop exploring? No. Hell no! So what do you do if you don't have much time or much money? You get creative. 

Why Travel in Your Own Backyard?

  1. It's cheaper.  A quick walk, cycle, train, or drive. Much cheaper than a flight anywhere or a long road trip!
  2. It can be done of the fly. You can just pick somewhere close to explore and head off. Maybe pack some lunch or your swimmers and you're good to go. No packing lists, no time wasted planning!
  3. It's so easy. No booking tickets, no organising visas, no taking time off work and no having your big old suitcase still packed with dirty clothes 4 weeks later (is that just me?). 
  4. It can be done on a day off or a weekend. No missing out on work and your weekends feel way longer than if you just vegged out on the couch.
  5. You'll fall in love with your home again. Living in the same place for a while can get a bit same-old same-old. Taking the time to go out and discover more about where you live will make you appreciate it so much more. 
Exploring Coombabah Lakelands.

Exploring Coombabah Lakelands.

Corey and I decided to explore our backyards more after a trip to Canada and San Francisco. Our friends in both locations took us to all these great places and it left us wondering where the hell we would take them if they ever came to visit us in Brisbane (still waiting for you guys to come btw!). Turns out Brisbane has some awesome swimming holes, beaches and nature reserves within a 2 hour drive and we've been exploring them all ever since!

How to explore more:

  • Go on a picnic in a new park
  • Find a new hiking trail
  • Check out the local tourist attractions
  • Go camping in a new spot
  • Try Airbnb in the city or close by  
  • Go for a day trip to a town close by
  • Take the train to a random suburb and explore there
  • Find new beaches
  • Find new waterholes
  • Visit different local markets
  • Join in on local festivals
  • See new museum exhibits
We love heading down to a different beach each trip.

We love heading down to a different beach each trip.

To find out what's going on nearby:

  • check out your local tourism board or with your local council (and follow their social media accounts)
  • follow influencers in your local area to find out the "hot spots"
  • search tags on social media like #brisbane #brisbaneeats #brisbanemarkets etc. if you don't live in Brisbane you'd obviously replace that with wherever you are!
  • ask your facebook friends! most of them are likely to be in the same area as you. Ask about their favourite beaches or the best hikes close by. 
Away from the beaches and into the forests.

Away from the beaches and into the forests.

The more you just get out there and explore more on the weekends, the easier it will be and before you know it, all your days off will be allocated to new adventures!

How do you explore in your own backyard?

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