Hello, it's me.. us.

I'm Victoria - the blogger behind Go & Globetrot and I'm obsessed with experiencing more of this world (and also the word obsessed, sorry). I love good books, hot tea and hot weather. 

I co-exist with my man/travel buddy/man-bun enthusiast Corey. He edits all of our videos (coming soon!). He calms me down when I stress about nothing and always encourages me to jump (figuratively and literally off cliffs). He loves hot coffee, man-sized meals and keeping fit. 

Globetrot   |  [glohb-trot] 
to travel throughout the world; to travel often and widely

The word 'globetrot' (okay, it's technically two words but that kind of ruins the whole thing) is one I love. Exploring this world we live in is something I am passionate about. Sometimes that's physically travelling to other places and sometimes it's learning about other places, other people, other cultures and other times through books, food, art, etc. Sometimes it's just learning more about ourselves. Go & Globetrot is a kick up the bum to live a life worth experiencing and worth sharing.  

This blog is my creative outlet, a place to share thoughts and experiences, so please, come and join us on a journey.. or don't but I'm 72% sure you'll be better off if you do.